Creatherm Radiant Flooring & LEED Certification

Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels can be used in a variety of project scopes such as existing buildings, commercial interiors, core & shell development, homes, schools, neighborhood developments, health care, laboratories and retail; all examples of projects potentially qualifying for LEED certification.

What are the benefits of LEED certification? LEED certification is third-party validation of a building’s performance. LEED certified projects blend environmental, economic, and occupant-oriented performance. They cost less to operate and maintain; are energy- and water-efficient; have higher lease-up rates than conventional buildings in their markets; are healthier and safer for occupants; and are a physical demonstration of the values of the organizations that own and occupy them.

Incorporating CreathermTM Radiant Floor Panels into your building designs can help obtain LEED credits. All of our foam panel product lines can help your project qualify for LEED credits. Highlighted below are some categories in which Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels may help you obtain points toward LEED accreditation.

For more information:

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Buckeye Horizon Mechanical & Creatherm

We’ve installed close to 60,000 square feet of Creatherm. The ease of installation is incredible. You walk the pipe down… you’re putting eight square feet down at a time, and it’s a lot easier than traditional pipe. I recommend it on every radiant job we do. While we quote other options, we always explain why we recommend Creatherm over other products.

— Tom Craft, Buckeye Horizon Mechanical

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Merit Plumbing installs radiant heating for new TARPS facility

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Steve Spaulding | Dec 05, 2011

TOLEDO, OHIO – If one metric for the economic health of a city is to be found in its public transportation system, consider this: in 2010, the Toledo Area Regional Transport Authority (TARTA) completed 219,757 passenger trips, servicing a metro population of 651,409. TARTA also operates Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service (TARPS), which operates a line of specially-equipped buses for its disabled passengers (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act).

The TARPS service has seen a three-fold increase in ridership since 2000. The continued and rising demand coupled with an influx of federal grant money led to the design and construction of a new 80,000 sq. ft. facility just south of downtown Toledo. The green building incorporates geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, skylights, earth sheltering insulation, reflective roofing and even a biodiesel fueling station for public fleet vehicles.

While the new facility will include administrative offices, most of the space will be used for garages and maintenance bays for the TARPS bus fleet, and almost all of that space will be warmed with radiant heating, which is where Merit Plumbing comes in.

Merit Plumbing has been in business since 1972. With a seasonally-varying pool of about 22 employees, they service an area roughly 60 miles around the Toledo area, specializing in commercial, light industrial and residential plumbing work.

They came to the job through an existing prior relationship with the mechanical contractor Industrial Power Systems, said Merit Plumbing President David Fitch. “We’ve done some work with IPS in the past, and they did the subcontracting on the sub-floor.”

A Team from Merit Plumbing worked their end of the job from early September until early November. “Once the grade was turned over to us,” Fitch explained, “it was our responsibility to lay down the Creatherm insulation board and run the looping from the manifold out to the areas and then back to the manifold, test while it was being poured, and then install the manifolds and the enclosures when it was complete.”

In the course of the job Merit Plumbing installed enough Rehau RauPex O2 Barrier tubing to cover 56,000-sq. ft., and installed seven Rehau Pro-Balance manifolds; 5-11 loop, 1-12 loop and 1-3 loop for a total of 70 loops.

Aiding in the installation was the Creatherm 2 ft. X 4 ft. panels. The tongue-in-groove panels fit together in a herringbone pattern. The surface has a guide space for the tubing that looks, according to Fitch, something like the packaging for a Hostess Cupcake.

“You snap your tubing in-between the raised portions,” Fitch said, “and snake them around. It’s actually pretty nice.”

The entire installation, after testing, was then covered in eight inches of concrete, the extra depth being needed to support the weight of large vehicles without damaging the underlying system. The entire system is powered by a Knight boiler with a 700 MBH input.

The TARPS facility, due to be opened in early 2012, has an estimated $9.9 million price tag. It is hoped that it will transform the immediate area into an important passenger transportation hub, and help revitalize Toledo’s south end.

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Mark Snow Removal off your to-do list.

Not Just Warmer. Safer, too. Winter is just around the corner.

If you live in an area of the country where snow and ice
are inevitable, when you install radiant heat in your driveways and sidewalks, shoveling (and slipping!) doesn’t have to be.


Avoid spotty, patchy areas of melt with Creatherm’s patented grid system which allows
the tubing to stay securely in place, providing consistent heat dispersion.

With our walk-it-in installation, you won’t believe how much faster your install will go! Between the walk-it-in approach and no more snow shoveling, your back will thank you!

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Bott Mechanical Company – Creatherm

“I would highly recommend Creatherm to others. I’m an industrial electrical and mechanical contractor, and have used Creatherm for multiple slab heating projects. It is easy to work with — one man can carry bundles around, place and install barrier PEX into the formed channels, saving man hours over other brands requiring additional manpower. It’s a superior product to other brands with an ROI built into it. Also, Creatherm is readily available when you need it and a great company to do business with. Cameron always answers his phone and is available when you need help.”

— Greg Bott, Bott Mechanical Company, Inc., Wabash, IN

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