Warm Feet, Warm Heart

Forget about warm hands — we all know how uncomfortable cold feet are! Even if you don’t live in an area of the country with annual snow and ice issues, chances are at some point it gets a little chilly where you are. Tile floors are especially vulnerable to colder temps — this is where radiant heat is your bare foot’s best friend. Radiant heat works by warming the floor, people and other objects in the room rather than trying to directly heat the air. The result is that the room feels warmer, even at a lower temperature, allowing you to decrease the energy expended.

Some common uses for radiant heating in homes:

•Efficient alternative heating in new construction
•Efficient alternative heating for renovations
•Specific use applications, like warming tile floors in bathrooms
•Outdoor use to warm patios and create comfort zones
•Snow and ice melt applications for driveways and walkways