Creatherm Radiant Flooring & LEED Certification

Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels can be used in a variety of project scopes such as existing buildings, commercial interiors, core & shell development, homes, schools, neighborhood developments, health care, laboratories and retail; all examples of projects potentially qualifying for LEED certification.

What are the benefits of LEED certification? LEED certification is third-party validation of a building’s performance. LEED certified projects blend environmental, economic, and occupant-oriented performance. They cost less to operate and maintain; are energy- and water-efficient; have higher lease-up rates than conventional buildings in their markets; are healthier and safer for occupants; and are a physical demonstration of the values of the organizations that own and occupy them.

Incorporating CreathermTM Radiant Floor Panels into your building designs can help obtain LEED credits. All of our foam panel product lines can help your project qualify for LEED credits. Highlighted below are some categories in which Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels may help you obtain points toward LEED accreditation.

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