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The Return to Radiant

For centuries, people have used radiant heat to warm their homes. One of the earliest methods used hot stones. Today, we circulate warm water in flexible tubes beneath the floor. We’ve dramatically improved the methods we employ, but the belief is the same now as it was then: radiant heating is incredibly effective.

We all want the same things for our home. We want it to be a sanctuary from the elements—comfortable and warm. But even beyond that, we want it to be healthy, safe, and efficient. That’s exactly the mindset that went into developing Creatherm panels, and that’s why we help homeowners across

Warmth and Efficiency

Radiant heating works by warming the floor, people, and objects in the room rather than trying to directly heat the air. The result? The room feels warmer even at a lower temperature, allowing you to decrease energy expended and minimize your carbon footprint. Heated water is pumped through tubing placed under the floor, which is more efficient than forced air heating at warming your living space—whether indoor or outdoor— to a comfortable temperature. Creatherm installation is designed for simplicity, whether you’re constructing a new home or remodeling your existing one.

Health and Comfort

Your home should be a healthy space, and radiant heating helps create an environment that supports overall occupant wellness. It carries the added benefit of improving air quality by reducing allergens in your home, which circulate more freely in forced air systems. Studies also show radiant heating helps prevent moisture and its associated issues: mold, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. Plus, the system is exceptionally quiet so your home stays the way it was meant to be—purely peaceful.

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Applications and Benefits for Homeowners

Radiant heat does a few things very well. By warming the floor and objects in the room, rather than trying to heat the air and then push it around your house, it’s more effective and efficient. It also creates a healthier environment by improving indoor air quality and creating an environment that is less conducive to mold, bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

To learn more about how we’re changing the world of radiant heating, and changing the world, one home at a time, visit our blog. To find a reputable firm in your area that can help you explore the options of radiant heat for your home, please contact us.

Is radiant heating right for you?