Eco-Freindly Living: A Deep dive into an ICF Oasis

In the realm of sustainable living, a retired master plumber from Arizona has provided us with his creation. He created a 108′ x 40′ MikeyBlock ICF ( house that stands as a beacon of innovation.

Constructed with MikeyBlock Insulated concrete Forms (ICF) and equipped with Creatherm S45 Radiant Floor panels, this dwelling harmonizes comfort and efficiency.

Powering this Eco-oasis is a ground source heat pump seamlessly integrated with a 13,500 watt solar stand alone system. The synergy between geothermal technology and solar energy not only reduces our carbon footprint but also ensures a reliable sustainable power source.

Above, a resilient 10″ spray foam roof encapsulates the structure, providing superior insulation for optimal energy efficiency. The commitment to sustainability extends outdoors with a a grand 14′ x 240′ wrap-around porch, inviting residents and guests to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the benefits of a steel-clad haven that keep them cool and shaded from the hot Arizona sun.

The fusion of environmentally conscious construction, cutting-edge energy systems, and thoughtful design culminates in a residence that not only embraces modern desert living but also champions a greener future.