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About Creatherm™

About Creatherm™

What is Creatherm™?

Creatherm™ radiant floor panels, manufactured out of BASF and Neopor®EPS, offer contractors an innovative foam installation process that saves time and money. Creatherm™ radiant floor panels are easily installed. Interlocking panels help reduce labor costs and improve installation efficiencies by allowing for precise tube layout that eliminates the need to tie, clip, staple, or screw the PEX [cross-linked polyethylene] tubing to the substrate.

Creatherm™ & BASF

Our partnership with BASF allows us to take advantage of some of the world’s best engineering minds to leverage the most efficient and effective materials for strength and insulation. Neopor®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS) was invented by BASF in 1995 by mixing graphite with the raw material.

Suppliers & Distributors

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Go Green With Orange

We only have one planet. It’s up to all of us to do what we can to protect it. Our products can help you reduce your carbon footprint by making energy decisions that are good for the environment and your bottom line.