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Applications and Benefits for Homeowners

Applications and Benefits for Homeowners

Radiant heating is tremendously efficient. By heating the floor and objects in the room, rather than trying to heat moving air, it allows you to make spaces feel comfortable at a lower temperature. (The science behind this deals with thermally conditioning interior surfaces with low-temperature longwave radiation, making everything feel warmer with less wasted energy.) This approach means that you can effectively warm outdoor areas efficiently.

Common Uses for Radiant Heating in Homes

  • Efficient alternative heating in new construction
  • Efficient alternative heating for renovations
  • Specific use applications, like warming tile floors and bathrooms
  • Outdoor use to warm patios and create comfort zones
  • Snow and ice melt applications for driveways & walkways

Benefits for Homeowners

  • Reduced environmental impact through efficient heating
  • Promotes a healthier environment, including reducing allergens
  • More comfortable feeling home
  • Can be used efficiently in outdoor areas