VP Supply is proud to now stock Creatherm

VP Supply now has Creatherm parts in stock! Creatherm radiant floor panels offer contractors an innovative foam installation process that saves time and money! The interlocking panels make for easy installation and increase installation efficiency by allowing precise tube layout that eliminates the need to tie, clip, staple, or screw the PEX [cross-linked polyethylene] tubing to the substrate.

Some specific benefits of the Styropor, or expandable polystyrene (EPS), technology include: excellent thermal insulation capacity, high compressive strength, outstanding impact absorption and low wieght. The foam technology is an eco-friendly building material that is not only strong but quiet and resistant to insects and mold. Creatherm claims up to 75% labor saving compared to mesh installations.

The 2′ X 4′ panels work as both insulation for the slab and a fastener for tubing all in one. The panels will accept a 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ PEX tubing. Currently we have 1″ amd a 2″ polystyrene with r-values of 5 and 9 in stock. VP Supply now carries the T45 and S45 Creatherm parts. For more information about Creatherm and the T45 and S45 parts please visit www.creatherm.com.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Ron Perkins of the VP Supply HVAC department at (585) 272 – 1813 ext. 3018