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Benefits of Radiant Heating

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is tremendously efficient. By heating the floor and objects in the room, rather than trying to heat moving air, it allows you to make spaces feel comfortable at a lower temperature. (The science behind this deals with thermally conditioning interior surfaces with low-temperature longwave radiation, making everything feel warmer with less wasted energy.) This approach means that you can effectively warm outdoor areas efficiently.

Benefits for Homeowners

  • Reduced environmental impact through efficient heating
  • Promotes a healthier environment, including reducing allergens
  • More comfortable feeling home
  • Can be used efficiently in outdoor areas

With all of this going for it, you may be wondering why everyone isn’t using radiant heating. There are a couple reasons, but mainly its perception. While it’s more cost effective to operate, it’s slightly more expensive to install than conventional heating. Our recent innovations in our patented floor panels, however, are helping to even the playing field. With our panels, installation is greatly simplified by allowing construction crews to “walk-in” the tubes needed to move the liquid through the loop. This dramatically reduces the installation time and cost, and also provides a built-in method of optimizing heat dispersion after installation.

The other reason is that, until now, it’s been difficult to retrofit a home with radiant heating. Once again, we’re working to change this. We have created a new line of products designed specifically for renovation applications, many of which can be installed directly over a subfloor or concrete slab. These products have all the benefits of the new construction panels with the added benefit of simple installation in an existing home.

To learn more about how we’re changing the world of radiant heating, and changing the world, one home at a time, visit our blog. To find a reputable firm in your area that can help you explore the options of radiant heat for your home, please contact us.