Hydronic Heat = Energy Savings

Increasing your comfort and, at the same time, saving money on your utility bill is a winning combination. Multiple zoning to allow unused rooms to be turned down, and use of thermal mass for off peak storage can reduce energy bills.

Another energy savings comes from lower overall thermostat settings which you choose naturally. When both air temperature and radiant transfer are compensated for, you feel comfortable at room air temperatures which are lower. You no longer have to force yourself to turn down the thermostat to save, you will do it automatically to be comfortable.

Heat loss from any building is driven by the temperature difference between the inside of the structure and the outside. Conventional systems locate registers along outside walls, under windows and in front of sliding glass doors to compensate for all those cold surfaces. That hot air goes up those cold outside walls, across the ceiling and down to the cold air return. In other words, every place where heat loss occurs. This is a great setup for wasting energy.

Radiant panels direct the heat to the interior of the space and reduce or eliminate the excessive temperatures on outside walls and ceilings. This can result in energy savings of 10% to 30% in most residences and up to 60% or more in shops, hangars and warehouses.