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Generation Green: What Are You Doing to Redefine Our Future? is looking for your videos.

Let’s face it. So far 2010 hasn’t been exactly kind. Every day has seemed to bring a new natural (or unnatural) disaster, partisan discord across the country, and economic news that has kept the world in a state of nervousness and doubt.

We started the year with a devastating earthquake in Haiti and wretched weather that plagued much of the country with school closings, travel interruptions and power outages. Most recently, our eyes have been glued to the terrifying images of an oil spill that threatens the Gulf, its wildlife and the livelihood of tens of thousands of people.

But there are bright spots, as well – many, many of them – and the green building community is at the heart of that optimism. Which is why, in the midst of this year that demands solutions, we want to know:Generation Green, what are you doing?Less than six months from Greenbuild 2010, which promises to be the biggest Greenbuild yet, we hope you’re taking this year’s theme to heart. “Generation Green: Redefining Our Future.” Every day, in ways big and small, our community is taking important steps to redefine our future.

Send us your videos! Please visit today and let us know: What are you doing to redefine our future? Generation Green is not an age group. It’s not about politics or personality, demographics or geography. It’s all of us. You are Generation Green, and your ideas will inspire the world to act today. And they may be featured at Greenbuild 2010 in Chicago!

What are you doing to take advantage of this watershed moment, when we can push the reset button on the hope that ushered in last year and use it to reignite our energy for the changes we need to move us forward?What are you doing to help the people in Haiti and along the Gulf Coast? What are you doing to support clean energy development? To promote green jobs and a clean, green economy? To push forward retrofits for existing buildings and infrastructure? To get your child in a green school or make sure that there is one in your community? No action is too small, no goal too idealistic, and no person too young or too old or too powerless to make a difference.

We want to hear from everyone – you, your kids, your grandparents. Your colleagues and your classrooms; your mayors, governors and Congress members; your PTA board and your USGBC Students group. We’re not looking for expensive, well-produced videos. Your ideas can be simple or profound, general or specific. Just tell us, in 30 seconds or less, how you are building a future of economic, environmental and social prosperity.

Visit to learn how to submit your video and to see what the rest of Generation Green is doing.