Fast and Easy Just Got Faster and Easier!

You already know the many benefits of Creatherm’s radiant floor panels. In addition to reduced energy costs and more standardized, efficient heating, our “walk it in” installation process saves significant time (and frustration and back pain!). You know when you purchase our products that you have made a wise investment, whether you’re a contractor, installer or home owner.

We are happy to announce that installing your Creatherm product has just gotten easier.

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Save even more time by ordering your tubing and accessories direct from Creatherm.

We’ve created our Product Catalog not only for your convenience, but also for your peace of mind. Everything in our catalog is compatible with our panels and is standards compliant. When you purchase your accessories from Creatherm, you know that these components have our professional stamp of approval.

If you have questions about any of our products, never hesitate to contact us at 888.WALK-IT-IN or

“As a professional in the home energy business, I know the importance of using the right products in order to achieve the best energy ratings. So when it came time to build my own home, I went with Creatherm. It’s the best product I’ve found out there. The energy properties of radiant heating combined with the ease of installation made perfect sense to me. And installation was great! My wife helped me lay the installation panels down, and the whole process went very smoothly. I’ve installed radiant pipe the other way, and it was a big headache, a real nightmare. To me, Creatherm is a great product all the way around.”

—Gary Kahanak, Home Energy Rx, Fayetteville, AR