Custom Home Builders Expect Changes to Come in Environmentally Friendly Home Building

Scott Frankel, Vice President of Frankel Building Group, Introduces the Ways in Which Home Building Will Transform Within the Next Five to Ten Years

updated 5/9/2011 9:03:00 AM ET

HOUSTON, TX — While green has already become the epicenter for new products and services alike, Frankel Building Group — full service custom home builders in Houston — is literally tapping into the sheer foundation for the changes to come within the building market for the next five to ten years. Efficiency, functionality and technology are going to evolve exponentially. Soaring energy costs are going to create a shift in the way people live and the way people use and conserve energy. Solar power, decreasing square-footage, layout and design are going to progress and adapt with the changing times ahead.

“Houses have gotten so sophisticated and energy efficient. Features such as dual speed air conditioning units, high efficiency water heaters, and insulated attics are considered standard,” states custom home builder Scott Frankel.

Frankel Building Group is one of the most innovative green home builders in the greater Houston area. As Frankel Building Group actually builds by LEED guidelines (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) which is an internationally acknowledged certification program established by the U.S. Green Building Council that issues third party authentication of a building’s green design, construction and operation.

“Building standards and codes are getting more and more official and difficult. The number of people that just call themselves builders is going to be minimized,” states Frankel. “Your builder isn’t just a contractor with a pencil in his ear, he needs to be like your doctor or accountant, a professional. You are going to him for expertise so that you have a healthy, excellent home that is sustainable long term.”

Frankel Building Group’s mantra provides families with green, sustainable living that is abiding, durable and timeless. Frankel Building Group aids in cutting costs, nevertheless, helping families live healthier and easily maintainable lives.

About Frankel Building Company

Frankel Building Group is a family run, full service company of extraordinary Houston custom home builders and other professionals with a passion for quality building. FBG is a very active and respected force in the greater Houston area building industry, leading the way in setting new standards.

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