Creatherm Heated Floor Panel, Popular with Homeowners

Jan. 06, 2014 – Contractors Equipment Directory

Heated floor panels are popular with homeowner who no longer want to suffer from cold feet in the morning, yet the process of installing radiant floor panels is time consuming and not cost effective.

Creatherm S20 Radiant Installation Panels have changed this by allowing for a simple to install radiant floor system that eliminates the need to tie, staple, clip or screw hydronic tubing to the substrate.

When asked about the system, a Creatherm spokesperson said, “Our S20 Contractor floor panel features eight radial snap-tight staggered grids. These create optimal tube spacing that allows the installer to run tubing at 45-degree angles with ease.”

The patented design of the S20 Contractor floor panel can support both 1/2 and 5/8 inch PEX tubing. The panels are made from BASF Styropor and Neopor EPS to provide strength and excellent insulating properties.

The overall design of the floor panels saves time and labor during installation. This, in turn, reduces costs. The pre-slotted channels allow uniform tube placement, which creates equal heat dispersion. It also increases safety by eliminating on-site trip hazards.

“Creatherm’s S20 Radiant Installation Panels have truly revolutionized the radiant flooring installation process,” stated the spokesperson. “It benefits both the contractor and the property owner, making it the ideal choice for this project.”

For more information about using Creatherm’s floor panels, visit or call 888-925-5484.