BASF Wildlife Habitat & Environmental Education Classroom uses Creatherm

Radiant Flooring

BASF Wildlife Habitat and Environmental Education Classroom

The radiant floor will provide uniform, energy-efficient heat to the building by circulating hot water through a network of tubing beneath the concrete surface. The PEX tubing and manifold were donated by Legend Hydronics; Creatherm provided the interlocking, insulating, radiant-heating floor panels made of BASF Neopor. Pre-molded channels in the panels allowed for easy installation of the hydronic tubing.

Directly below the Creatherm panels lies another 2″ layer of rigid Neopor board (provided by OPCO) for added insulation. The entire floor system is expected to have an R-value of R-20.

The concrete used in the floor slab is fiber mesh reinforced with BASF MasterFiber F70, which provides a number of benefits:

– Reduces concrete cracking during the first 24 hours
– Increases durability of concrete – better abrasion and impact resistance
– Reduces shrinkage cracking which may occur from temperature changes