Bott Mechanical Company – recommends Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels

“I would highly recommend Creatherm to others. I’m an industrial electrical and mechanical contractor, and have used Creatherm for multiple slab heating projects. It is easy to work with — one man can carry bundles around, place and install barrier PEX into the formed channels, saving man hours over other brands requiring additional manpower. It’s a superior product to other brands with an ROI built into it. Also, Creatherm is readily available when you need it and a great company to do business with. Cameron always answers his phone and is available when you need help.”

—Greg Bott, Bott Mechanical Company, Inc., Wabash, IN

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One Response to Bott Mechanical Company – recommends Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels

  1. Celina says:

    >Cheryl:If we were doing it all over again we would do more walls than just the one. There are pros and cons though. It is cpheaer than a radiator especially if you already are using the pex and have leftover as we did. It is also out of sight out of mind and takes up no space which I liked since we couldn’t spend the money on the fancy radiators. We considered one of those radiators that is also a bench but didn’t really have enough room AND they are very expensive. One con though is that you either have to keep it in the lower half of the wall or ALWAYS remember it is back there and not hang pictures or things on the wall in other words no nails and screws or pre plan for some way to hang them. I had a brain spasm and forgot while hanging some things in the garage storage room luckily I hit all studs but I couldn’t believe I forgot it was there on the other side!! Was I lucky!I really like it in the hall since it is toasty warm all over when you come in. It heated so well even with the drywall that unless it is really cold we have to turn it way down or off. Makes a huge difference. I highly recommend it. Contact me off the blog if you want more info or to pick my brain.By the way spend the money (about $100??) and buy the real tool to make the pex connections. We bought a cpheaer home-made job (thinking we didn’t need the more expensive one since we didn’t do it for a living) and felt at the end it would have been worth the extra money. It could be less now though.Monica

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